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Tomorrow, who is tomorrow.

No one knows tomorrow.

Is tomorrow blue or white

No one knows tomorrow

Only God knows tomorrow

So don’t think about tomorrow.

– By Sandra Amoah

Administrator’s note:  I would like to add that in real life, Sandra thinks a lot about her tomorrows 🙂




 I wish I were a bird that could fly away to escape from

the whips of father’s wicked cane.

Why must I suffer for slightest mistake?

If I knew I was to be born to a wicked father,

I would have told God to let me die at birth.

When I return from school to enjoy life at home,

My father hate to hear that we are on holidays

My report he will not read to congratulate me

This act of my father makes me hate going home

But no school can keep you from childhood to adulthood.

All I wish is to be a bird that could fly away to ecape the whips

Of father’s wicked cane.

– By Sandra Amoah

My Self, by Rosalind


My name is Rosalind

I am seven years old

I am fair in complexion

I am about two fit tall

the food I like is fried rice and chicken

the game I like best is ludy

When I wake up in the morning I bath

and I brush my teeth

When I finished bathing I scrub my self and

I well [wear] my dress and

I go out and Play

  • – By Rosalind Ananemanu



Once upon a time there live two friends one called Ebenezer and Najact. Ebenezer was a very good boy and Najact was a bad girl. One day Ebenezer got a very big drink and Najact went and steal it and drink it with her friends. One day a woman came to Najact house and tod her that stealing is not good and Najact was very greatful.

Every day Najact always pray to god and now Najact was a very good girl. Najact always share everything with her friends and a person called AnjaJohn took Najact and Ebenezer to USA. Ten (10) years later Ebenezer got a beautiful girl named Chelsea. Ebenezer wanted to marry Chelsea so Chelsea and Ebenezer showed them self to their parents and they got married. And they got a child called Anja. Anja was a very beautiful girl. Anja always study well so Anja went to Japan.

-Directed by Najact and Ebenezer