A Story About My Life.

Sandra Amoah with friends (pictured here in the middle)

My name is Sandra Amoah. I am a girl of teenage. I come from a poor home. I love education but there is no money [for] my education. I am in grade eight. I need someone to help in my education. So please help me in my education.

The reason why I am writing this letter is because my father travel to America. When he came to America he came for another woman so he stopped taking care of us. She is my poor mother who is taken care of my education.

So please help me in my education.




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  1. Sandra, I love this picture of you and your girlfriends! You are all very beautiful. I have a daughter about your age. Her name is Calla Grace. She is in the 7th grade and she loves to sing. I can’t wait to learn more about you all.

  2. Hello Sandra,
    how exciting that because of you this wonderful blog is now on the internet! You must be quite happy to have Anja as your new friend. Its been my experience in life to grow up in South Africa and travel quite a lot of countries. I am now living in Switzerland. My lesson in life has been to count my riches in wonderful friendships and wisdom. Understanding life is the greatest richness there is. Make your wishes and dream big ideas for yourself – they sometimes have the most surprising ways of coming true. But they do!

    From what you write and what I have learnt about you on this blog I have no doubt that your Mother is very proud of you and you are her richness. 🙂

    All the best, Cheryl

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