A Life Story of Sandra Amoah



Sandra Amoah (below), pictured here with her friend Jasmine (above).

Sandra Amoah is my name. I am twelve years of age. I love education very much but I come from a poor home. Because of that my mother cannot take good care of my education. I have no father. My father does not take care of us.

It is my mother who struggles and feeds us. I am in grade eight in Ghana.

So please I need some one who will help me in my education. And God will ever bless you in what ever you do in your life.

The reason why I am writing you this letter is to help me achieve my goal.

Thank you all! God bless you very much!

By Your Humble Friend

Sandra Amoah.


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    • Dear Andrea,

      I need a computer, a set of reading, exercise and story book, a set of pen and pencils, crayons, school bags, a pen drive, a modem, diary, writing pads, bicycle and note books.

      From Sandra Amoah

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