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Ghana’s greatest treasure and source of wealth are her children. There are children everywhere in Ghana. For the most part, they are bright, happy, extremely clever, well-mannered and very eager to learn.

The Ghanaian culture places education and literacy – reading and writing – in very high regard. There are a tremendous amount of schools in Ghana. In an effort to overcome the inherent communication barriers of a multilingual country, mastery of the English language is encouraged in Ghana and is also the standard language used for educational instruction. Hand-painted signs saying “SPEAK ENGLISH” can be found on the walls of many of the schools. Many Ghanaians speak three or four African languages. Most of them also speak English.

The adult literacy rate in Ghana is 65%. This is bound to continue to improve, since 83% of Ghanaian children attend school, representing one of the highest enrollment rates in West Africa. Another achievement of distinction for a West African country is the 1.00: 0.96 ratio of girls to boys in Ghana’s schools. In spite of these impressive statistics, around half a million children still remain out of school due to limited resources for building schools, providing textbooks and training new teachers.

This is a collection of stories, poems and autobiographical pieces written by Ghanaian children from Obuasi, a mining town in the heart of Ghana’s Ashanti region. Except in those very rare instances where it has been necessary to add a word for the sake of comprehension, all stories are published here exactly as they have been written by the children themselves.


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  1. I want to leave a comment for all the kids! What great stories, poems, and jokes! I can’t wait to read more and get to know all of you through your words. Keep them coming… 🙂

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