Ebenezer Boadu


This is Ebenezer Boadu. He is 11 years old and attends Junior HS 1.

This is Ebenezer Boadu. He is 11 years old and attends Junior HS 1 at AGA (AngloGold Ashanti) school in Obuasi, Ghana. He is a regular contributor to this blog.

Ebenezer’s father is a miner. His mother is a trader. She sells many different things at the Obuasi market, such as beans, ground nuts, onions, tomatoes and other vegetables.

Ebenezer has big plans. He wants to be a doctor, a lawyer or a pastor when he grows up!

He has lots of interests, including football and bicycling. His favorite football team is Manchester United. He has an uncle named Michael Essien who actually plays for Manchester United! Ebenezer would like it if his uncle would visit from time to time.

Ebenezer is also a very good dancer and singer. You can see him perform a Twi song and dance here and a song called “Anja is my Best Friend” here.

Ebenezer is really enjoying the comments and feedback he is receiving on this blog and he is committed to continue writing more stories, riddles and poems for your entertainment.


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  1. Hi Ebenezer,
    what a great name. Where did you get such a great name? And you look like you like to have fun, and that you are a very kind person. You have a smile that makes me smile. My students are all 11 too, and the love to have fun. I hope that you can all meet on the internet soon. I think my students would love your stories, and I think they will want to write stories for you. They are also learning English because many of them were born in Mexico or Guatemala, and they speak spanish. What are your favorite things to do?
    Very nice to meet you here,

  2. Hi Ebenezer,
    I am enjoying meeting you and your friends on this blog.
    I see you are a football/soccer fan.
    Can you tell me about what sports are played in Ghana?
    Which is your favourite?
    Last year FIFA World Cup played out their matches in my home country of South Africa.
    All the best to you,

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  4. The pants of a doctor/ lawyer/ pastor with the shirt of an athlete. I love the way you express your different desires and interests through your dress. I often say that I have a high heel on one foot and a hiking boot on the other. (Lately it’s more of a flip-flop or bedroom slipper)
    Ask Anja to explain this to you.

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