Elizabeth Donkor


This is Elizabeth Donkor.She is 11 years old and in Class 6.

This is Elizabeth Donkor.She is 11 years old and in Class 6 in Obuasi, Ghana. She is a regular contributor to this blog.



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  1. Hi Elizabeth, you look very wise and beautiful, and like you are an older sister. I love your dress. It is getting cold here in Los Angeles, California, and so I will not be able to wear a dress again until March or April. However, I love the cold weather as much as the warm weather. It does not really get cold where you are, does it? Our winters are very mild We don’t get snow except in the mountains, which is OK with me. I like to be warm.
    While you are on the internet with Anja, you could look up Shel Silverstein. He was my favorite poet when I was a child. He’s fun to recite OUT LOUD.
    I am glad to meet you,

  2. Hello Elizabeth,
    I happy to meet you and your friends on this blog.
    I also come from Africa, but a lot more south, South Africa.
    People often find it funny and they don’t believe me because I am white-skinned. It makes me laugh. They also wonder if we have lions walking around our houses.
    I think now that we have the internet people will learn more about one another and different countries and we will have more understanding of one another.
    I have a next door neighbour who also comes from West Africa. Her and her family all speak French.
    I am so excited to travel to my home country in the near future. I live in Switzerland now and its been two and a half years since I was last there.
    Take Elizabeth and all the best with your plans for your future,

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