Emmanuella Manu


Emmanuella Manu

This is Emmanuella Manu. She is 11 years old and in Junior High School 1. She is a contributing writer to this blog.


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  1. HI Emmanuella,
    You have such a great smile and you look like you are going somewhere with that pen in your hand. Have you been writing? What languages do you speak? When you are in school, are you learning in English too? Today I made one of my favorite meals, meat with potatoes and onions, all cooked over an open fire with my friends in the woods. It was such a great day. We saw a pod of dolphin and two sea lions swimming in the water. What kinds of animals do you have where you live?
    Pleased to meet you,

  2. Hello Emmanuella,

    I agree with Sonja, you do have a great friendly smile! Your riddles and jokes made me smile too. I find most of the photos Anja has posted on this blog to be so bright and colourful. I like that very much.
    The photos that interested me very much were about catching the fish. Do you also help with that?
    I look forward to hearing back from you.

    Anja is also my friend – I am glad that she has met and introduced all of you to us around the world. Cheryl 🙂

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