Once upon a time, there lived a Great Kingdom above the skies. There was a King called King Ebenezer and a Queen called Queen Elizabeth. They lived for ten years without a child. Because of this, they prayed to God to give them a child who will inherit them if they take their path away.

One day, they went to the doctor and the doctor told them that, the Queen was pregnant. The married couples were very happy to the extend that they threw a party for the whole kingdom. Their prayer was to give birth to a male child.

Unfortunately, they gave birth to a female child. They were as though sad, but were also happy. They named the child Nania. She was the first princess in the kingdom. As she was growing up, she grew into a charming and a beautiful girl.

Another day came to pass when the princess told her father that, she wanted to marry. Because of this, every male person wanted to marry her but she refused and told her father than, the man who will prepare her the best food would be the one to marry.

Many of them thought she was a royal so she wanted delicious and favourite meals. But her favourite meal was Indomie with chicken. There was a very poor man called Michael. He prepared Indomie with chicken. Not knowing he has prepared the princess’s best meal.

It was the time for the kind to select amongt the men who will marry his daughter. So the King told all the men to bring their foods in front of them. Their hearts were beating very fast.

Soon the king selected the man to marry his daughter. The man was Michael. They were all surprised that, this poor man will be getting married to the princess soon.

Later, they got married and lived happily ever after.


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  1. I’m glad that Michael was the one chosen. I bet the princess could get any fancy meals any time that she wanted. I think what she really wanted was to marry someone just like her—someone that liked Indomie with chicken. I hope that my wife likes Indomie with chicken too, because I don’t have a lot of money for fancy meals, and she is a beautiful princess.

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