The Ant and the Grasshopper


In a village called “Odumase” there lived Miss Ant and Mr. Grasshopper. The Ant was so hardworking that everybody in the community admired her; but the grasshopper was very lazy. The lazy grasshopper laughed at the little ant as she was always busy gathering food.

“Why are you working so hard?” he asked. “Come into the sunshine, and litsen to my merry notes”. But the Ant went on with her work. She said, “I am gathering food in store for the winter. Sunny days won’t last forever.” “Winter is so far away yte”, laughed the grasshopper.

When the winter came, the Ant settled down in her snug house. She had plenty of food to last the whole winter. The Grasshopper had nothing to eat so he went to the Ant and begged her for a little corn.

“No”, replied the Ant, “you laughed at me when I was storing food. You sang through the summer. So you had better dance the winter away.”

As retold by:

– Chelsea Manu

– Rosalind Manu


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  1. Sometimes I feel like the grasshopper and I should remember to prepare for the future like the smart ant. I find that doing work that is not always pleasant, always pays off down the road. I’m still working on remembering that though. A great story. Thanks guys!

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