The Greedy Spider


Once upon a time, there lived Ananse in a small village. One day, he visited his mother-in-law. She prepared a sumptuous food for him and the children. “Ananse, the food is for you and the children”, said the mother-in-law. She told Ananse she was off to see her friend at the next village.

When the mother-in-law left, Ananse advised the children to go and play. He went for the food from the kitchen and sat on a table with it in front of him, and he started eating the food. He washed all the plates and the basins nicely and covered them neatly and went to bed.

The children returned and when they went to the kitchen, there was no food left for them. These children were bold enough, they rushed to Ananse and beat him up mercilessly. He cried for help and when he had the chance, he jumped to the ceiling and the web at the corner of the ceiling caught him. This became a residing place for him. That is why Ananse always stays in a web.

A collaboration by:

– Chelsea Manu

– Rosalind Manu and

– Ebenezer Boadu


2 responses »

  1. Ha,
    You guys tell such fun stories. Please write more. I hope my students will share with you their stories too. They also have some fun stories.
    I am going to bed because I am very, very tired. I look forward to reading your blog every day. Welcome to the internet!!! It is a fun way to make the world a smaller place.

  2. I bet when the mother-in-law returns, Ananse will have to explain why he is stuck on the ceiling in the web. She will not be happy with him stuck to her ceiling. What happens when she returns? Is he just stuck in the web forever, or does the mother-in-law beat him as well?

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