Jasmine Boakye Ansah


Jasmine Boakye Ansah, Poetess from Obuasi, Ghana

Jasmine is 9 years old. She is a poetess. Her first contribution to this blog was a poem called “Ghana”. She loves receiving comments from her readers.

Jasmine is in Grade 4 at Jesus Cares International School. She has one sister and no brothers.

Jasmine wants to be a pilot when she grows up!


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  1. Hello Jasmine,
    we like your Ghana poem and your pretty dress.
    Do you buy your dresses there or does someone you know make them for you?
    I like sewing and pretty fabrics. I recently made a dress for my daughter to wear to a wedding.

    We enjoy meeting you and your friends on this website. 😉
    Greetings from Cheryl and my daughters Stella and Inka

  2. Jasmine, you are absolutely beautiful!!! I can see the intelligence shining through your eyes and know you will make a great pilot!

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