Najact Rewieda


Najact (standing, on the right) and friends

Najact Rewieda is 11 years old. She attends the AGA (AngloGold Ashanti) school, where she is in Class 5C. Najact has 2 sisters, one older, one younger, and also one younger brother.

Najact’s father is a miner for AngloGold Ashanti. Her mother is a trader. She sells ground nuts at the Obuasi market.

Najact enjoys bicycling and football, running and also swimming.

She has contributed to a number of stories on this blog, including “The Three Friends“, a story about three friends named Najact, Ebenezer and Chelsea!


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  1. Hello Najact, I found your story that you wrote together with your friends quite interesting. I was wondering after the story ended what the children might have bought with their gold? I would like to hear your ideas about that. Bye for now, Cheryl

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