Riddle Riddle Riddle


I am something when you are killing me then you will be crying. What am I?

Ans: Onion

I am a name of a person. Children hate my first four letters but they like the other four letters. What am I?

Ans: Beat/rice

I am something when I am going then I will be sharing chips. Who am I?

Ans: A goat

(Note from the blog Administrator: I only get the first riddle. If you get the others, please leave a comment with an explanation. Thank you 🙂

– By Sandra Amoah


3 responses »

  1. Lol. The 2nd one is the name “Beatrice” which we would say Bea-trice but if you split it in half it is beat-rice. Children don’t like to be beaten but they do like rice!

    The 3rd one I don’t get either unless they call the feces of the goat “chips”.

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