Rosalind Ananemanu


Rosalyn Ananemanu

This is Rosalind Ananemanu. She is 7 years old. She is in Class 2 at Holy Child Elementary School.

Rosalind likes to read and write. In fact, her friends tell me that she is “very, VERY good” at reading. She also likes to do sports, especially bicycling.

She also happens to be an excellent dancer. You can see one of her recent performances here.

Rosalind has one brother and four sisters. She is the youngest child in her family. Her father is a miner for AngloGold Ashanti, and her mother is an English teacher for Class 1.

Rosalind wants to be a doctor when she grows up!


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  1. Hello Rosalyn,
    what a pretty name you have. Do your friends sometimes call you ‘Rosie”? I am curious to know if you all have english and Twi names. The reason that I ask this is that where I come from in South Africa it is usual that the native children have isiXhosa first and last names and an english nickname or second name. The greeting in isiXhosa to one person is “Molo” and to more than one person is “Molweni”. To say thank you in isiXhosa is “Enkosi”. Some words are tricky but others are easy e.g. coffee is “ikofu”, which sounds a little like coffee to me and a bicycle is “ibibhayisikili” which sounds like eebicyclily. One could guess what those mean if your heard them.

    Hope you’re having a fun day with your friends,
    Cheryl (My wonderful (amaXhosa) childhood nanny calls me “Chella” to this day. She is like a second Mother to me.)

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