Once upon a time there live two friends one called Ebenezer and Najact. Ebenezer was a very good boy and Najact was a bad girl. One day Ebenezer got a very big drink and Najact went and steal it and drink it with her friends. One day a woman came to Najact house and tod her that stealing is not good and Najact was very greatful.

Every day Najact always pray to god and now Najact was a very good girl. Najact always share everything with her friends and a person called AnjaJohn took Najact and Ebenezer to USA. Ten (10) years later Ebenezer got a beautiful girl named Chelsea. Ebenezer wanted to marry Chelsea so Chelsea and Ebenezer showed them self to their parents and they got married. And they got a child called Anja. Anja was a very beautiful girl. Anja always study well so Anja went to Japan.

-Directed by Najact and Ebenezer


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  1. I enjoyed this story so very much. I agree that we if we find we have done something wrong and someone shows us how to do things better that we can be happy again afterwards. 🙂

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