WHAT IZZZZZZZZZZZZZ…Everyday Life in Ghana


Woman pounding fufu with her mortar and pestle, Obuasi, Ghana


What about a recipe?

A recipe about fufu.

These are the ingredients for preparing fufu: cassava and plantain.

First of all, you will pill [peel] the cassava and plantain and then you wash it. After that you put them in the suspan [saucepan]. After that you will put an amount of water in the suspan. You then cover it and put it on the stove. When it’s up, you then bring out your mortar and your piste (pestle), and then you will washed your mortar and pistel. You first pound the plantain, after that you remove it from the mortar. Secondly, you pound your cassava. After that you mix it up and pound for about thirty minutes. You then add your soup and meat, we then have our fufu ready to eat!

My favourite subject and teacher and why?

My favourite subject in school is science. Because I want to be a Professional Doctor in the world. I like to be a great doctor so that I can help the poor and the needy or orphanages. In my opinion I ike everyone to achieve his/her goal. And also the teacher I admire the most is my science teacher Sir Alex (Editor’s Note: In Ghana, all male school teachers are referred to as “Sir”). Because he is helping me to achieve my goal.

Do I notice the change of seasons here?

Yes please! (Editor’s note: In Ghana, “Yes Please” is a polite and the most common form of saying “Yes”.) I have noticed that when it is raining season there is a lot of money in the country, but in the dry season there is no money in the country. Rainy season is from April through July. Dry season is from December to March. The other months are sometimes rainy and sometimes dry. When it is dry season, people find it difficult to get money.

More about the language:

We have many languages in our country. Examples are Twi by the Ashanti, Ga by the Greater Accra, Frafra by the Northerners and many more. We mostly speak the Twi by the Ashanti. I am an Ashanti I speak perfect Twi but I am good in speaking English and French. When I get a laptopt I can teaches you at your e-mail. So please if you are interested I can teaches you a lot.

What is the best thing about my country in my opinion?

In my Opinion the best thing in my country is Gold. My country is full of Gold. We have a lot of money and work in my country.

What do I want to do when I grow:

I wants to be a professional Doctor in the world, so that I can help the poor and the needy or Orphanages.

What Ghanaian food should you try first:

Ans: Please try fufu with cow meat with a little okra in the soup.

By Sandra Amoah


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