My Life Story, by Abdul Latif


My name is Abdul Latif. I came from Burkina Faso. I am twelve years old.

The game I like best is football and the food I like best is rice and stew. The name of my parent is Mohamed and Agarah. I have 3 siblins.

The reason why i came here is that I was playing with my friends and a white lady came to our hometown and went to my house and told my uncle that she wants to help me because my parents are dead and I am not going to school, so she brought me here.

I want to be a footballer in the near feature [future].

By Abdul Latif

May God Bless You.



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  1. Hello Abdul,
    Thank you for telling us your life story. I hope that your three siblings are there with you.
    We wish you much joy playing your football and fun with your friends.

    Kind regards from myself, Cheryl and my two daughters aged 6 and 2.

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