The youngest child at Adullam Orphanage. His young teenage mother died giving birth to him.

Parents are fond of putting their children into child labour. Because of poverty some parents are fond of not working but putting their child into this kind of act. The children rather fo in for rugs, teenage pregnancy. Oh Mother Ghana, what a bad habitat we have.

-By Sandra Amoah


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  1. OMG My Heart Is so Sad. Anja maybe you can take him home with you!!!! Give me some good news I keep sheddding tears when I hear about boy.

  2. By the way your Blog looks amazing. You are so creative and full of life. I feel like this past few months I have really bonded with you. You make my laugh out loud all the time. I love getting all the news and updates on your adventures. I wish you all the best you’re always in my thoughts!

    And please don’t make fun of my spelling and grammar blurbs because I tend to make a lot of them. LOL!!!

    Love you!

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