Project Obruni Elf: Gift-giving at Adullam Orphanage


We did it! Each child got an appropriate gift. The bigegest hits were the football jerseys and the footballs for the boys, and the necklaces for the older girls. I wish we could have gotten better and more photos but the crowd control was intense and it was an “all hands on deck” thing, once the orphans got wind of what was going on in the spare room.

We were completely down to the wire on the gifts for the older boys and girls, but we still have some big-kid sunglasses left over, as well as little kid items such as stuffed animals and a few dolls. This is a good thing, however, since I know for a fact that some little girls were absent today for some reason, and ALL the older kids loved the sunglasses, so it won’t be hard to give those away tomorrow. We had to get out of there fast after the gift-giving because a bit of a mob formed near the end, as you will see from the photos.

Again, I apologize for not having more and better pictures, but I do assure you we put plenty of smiles on the children’s faces today. And not only that, but we have enough money left over to be able to help pay some extremely important expenses to help the orphanage survive and to help keep the older kids in school. As it turns out, our help could not have come at a better time. More on this later. For now, thanks again to all who helped with your generous donations. If I may speak for all of us, I think it helped every one of us experience the true meaning of the season this year.


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