Settling accounts with Adullam


I spent a few hours at the orphanage today settling the accounts for the donations raised for the orphanage, and also to play with the kids a bit. The newest addition to the orphanage is a tiny infant girl. Her mother had her “too soon” after her first child and she felt like she would be poorly looked upon for not having been more patient between babies, and so she gave the baby to the orphanage 😦

Your collective donations for “Project Obruni Elf” not only paid for a Christmas present for each and every child at the orphanage, they also funded the next quarter of higher education for the older children, AND a monetary Christmas “gift” for each staff member (proportionate to their time and effort contributions to the orphanage), who before Christmas had gone without pay for 10 months because the account they are supposed to be getting paid from has been compromised.


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  1. I am so happy for all these photos. They say so much – I feel quite connected all the way from Switzerland. You’re a natural at this Anja. And what you’re doing there brings me immense joy. Thank you.

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