The magic of the blogging universe — bringing people together


Recently, I was contacted by someone who had stumbled upon this website as a result of a Google search for “Adullam Orphanage”. This person emailed me to let me know that she was very much enjoying the photos and stories being posted about the orphanage, as she had volunteered there some years back. She recognized many of the faces of the children and commented on how much they had grown since she had last seen them in person.  She also let me know that she had donated mattresses and sheets for the school 2 years back (a bit of a pity to see how quickly they deteriorated). Due to a car injury, she has been under doctor’s orders to not travel, so this blog became her window to seeing a place that she missed and that meant a lot to her.

About a week later, another person contacted me, who had also found this blog while looking for Adullam on the internet. She told me that she is in fact in the process of adopting a 7 year-old girl from the orphanage! She shared the girl’s name with me and I was able to find the girl and send some photos of her to her prospective new parents. It turns out that these photos were the first they had seen of their prospective daughter wearing girlie clothes! I was able to put a smile on someone’s face with the photos we took that day. What a treat to be able to do such a thing for someone so far away, who is bound by ties of love to Adullam.

I am currently out of the country so my posts will be less, but I do hope to continue the Kinky Foo-Foo project into the future. It is such a pleasure to work with children, as they are so very generous with their love and affection.


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