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Eric Gaetin from Adullam tells his story


Eric Gaetin

Editor’s note: My husband and I met Eric at the Adullam Orphanage in Obuasi, Ghana. Eric used to live at Adullam and is one of numerous older kids who rely on the orphanage’s financial support as they are “re-integrated” into society. He is currently attending Senior Technical High School, which around here basically comes in the form of a boarding school. Kids such as Eric take their education very seriously, because they know it’s their best hope out of the vicious cycle of poverty and despair that they were born into and struggling to get out of.

Both my husband and I were both very impressed with Eric. He is one of those people that you just feel somehow calm around. My husband told me later that Eric had told him a little bit about how he had come to needing crutches to get around. Later that day, I was able to make get a brief but poignant life story from Eric via text messages from a borrowed cell phone. Here it is:

“I was born on 14/12/1992 and when got 12 years I got sick and I was taken to the hospitel and the doctor ingected me on the wrong place and I have been like this for 7 years.

I was once taken to a hospitel and we had operation. The doctor told us to came on the year so he [could] do for me to be who I am but when we came back my father was sacked from the conpany he was working for so he had no money to take care of me again.

I became a beger when my father say because of me he lost his job because he think I am cursed so he was not going to take care of me agaen [anymore]. So one day I was beging and I met the owner of the orphanage and I went to her 4 her 2 help me and she told she [would] help me 2 the orphanage.

I need your help in my education if only u or u can get someone to pay my school fees for me I will always pray 4 u. god

I’m in high school so I need to pay my school fees* and my mother has no money because she work to take care of the rest.** I don’t live with my mother I’m with a friend. And for dreams I want to be a produser in music.”

-Eric Gaetin

* Eric’s quarterly school fees are 400 GHS ($244 USD)

** Eric’s mother works at a palm oil processing plant. This is considered to be some of the worst work of all in Ghana. It’s back-breaking labor under deplorable conditions, which is done almost exclusively by women. I imagine the laborers must all have respiratory problems from the constant oily smoke they inhale. The day wage for these laborers is about 5 GHS ($3 USD), which is pathetic even by Ghanaian economic standards.

Although at the moment Eric is primarily concerned with staying in school, he has shared with me that there is also a surgery that can revert his atrophied leg condition and make it possible for him to walk without crutches again.

If you would like to help Eric and other kids like him, contact me directly at

Palm oil production site


Answers to Readers’ Questions


Elizabeth, Benjamin, Najact and Ebenezer

I recently asked our readers what they would like the Kinky Foo-Foo writers to write about. In this way, I assembled about 15 questions and then turned these over to Ebenezer and his crew. They then chose a few questions which they wrote their answers to. If you haven’t noticed by now, Ebenezer doesn’t work alone. He and Najact collaborate on everything they submit, often with the help of other children as well. In this case, all 4 collaborators are pictured above.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Ans: United. State of America (USA) because they are hard-working people, respectful, kind-hearted people and you can earn a living there when you are hardworking person.

What makes you happy?

Ans: When Ghanaian girls and women are dancing out cultural dance Kete and Adwoa on Television and chatting with my friends, playing with them and singing, reading and riding bicycle and playing football, etc.

When you think about Anja’s life in America, how do you imagine it to be?

Ans: Very cool, wonderful, fantastic, nice and beautiful because when we go to her house in Obuasi she is very neat so we think her life in America is fabulous.

What is your favorite subject in school? Who is your favorite teacher and why?

Ans: Ebenezer likes RME [Religious and Moral Education] and Twi, Najact also likes English and Twi and Elizabeth also likes citizenship, RME and Maths.

– By Ebenezer  Boadu,  Najact  Abdulai, and Elizabeth and Benjamin Donkor

My Life Story, by Abdul Latif


My name is Abdul Latif. I came from Burkina Faso. I am twelve years old.

The game I like best is football and the food I like best is rice and stew. The name of my parent is Mohamed and Agarah. I have 3 siblins.

The reason why i came here is that I was playing with my friends and a white lady came to our hometown and went to my house and told my uncle that she wants to help me because my parents are dead and I am not going to school, so she brought me here.

I want to be a footballer in the near feature [future].

By Abdul Latif

May God Bless You.


“My Self”, by Isaac Nyarko


My name is Isaac Nyarko, I am a boy of 13 years old. I am in J.H.S one. I am dark in complexion. I come from Ghana in the Ashanti religion [region] in a town named “Asokorimenpon” but I stay at Adullam orphange, with a white lady named Louisa Timothy.

I am a short boy with a round head, with a point nose, two eyes, one mouth and two ears. The game I like best is football, playing cards, volleyball, and I dislike Golfball.

I want to tell you how I came to adullam orphange. I came to Adullam in 2001 when 2 years of age. My mother was a cripple when I was born. My father run away when I was 1 years old and when he run away my mother was very poor and no money to buy food to eat.

So one day I and my mother were going to beg for money so we saw a man. The man told my mother that he can help me so that my mother will work and get money to eat. So the man came to us one day and brite [brought] me to the white lady. At that time I was having one brother who was 21 month and the white woman took care of him and me and up to when he was 6 years old and you will bless mum Louisa Timothy and forgave his trespasses. And I want to become a Doctor or a pastor if future.


By: Isaac Nyarko



Teenaged orphan girls, Adullam Orphanage, Obuasi


As my request I will rather tell you NO. Because can not take good care of me. Secondly, I will tell you that you will rather stop learning. And every day thinking about the guy. Thirdly, the man will tell you to have sex with you. After having sex with him and you impregnate, he will never accept the baby. But now you will be the loser and he will gained. And he will still continue his school, meanwhile you the loser will drop out of school. So is for me I will never have a boyfriend.

 By Sandra Amoah

WHAT IZZZZZZZZZZZZZ…Everyday Life in Ghana


Woman pounding fufu with her mortar and pestle, Obuasi, Ghana


What about a recipe?

A recipe about fufu.

These are the ingredients for preparing fufu: cassava and plantain.

First of all, you will pill [peel] the cassava and plantain and then you wash it. After that you put them in the suspan [saucepan]. After that you will put an amount of water in the suspan. You then cover it and put it on the stove. When it’s up, you then bring out your mortar and your piste (pestle), and then you will washed your mortar and pistel. You first pound the plantain, after that you remove it from the mortar. Secondly, you pound your cassava. After that you mix it up and pound for about thirty minutes. You then add your soup and meat, we then have our fufu ready to eat!

My favourite subject and teacher and why?

My favourite subject in school is science. Because I want to be a Professional Doctor in the world. I like to be a great doctor so that I can help the poor and the needy or orphanages. In my opinion I ike everyone to achieve his/her goal. And also the teacher I admire the most is my science teacher Sir Alex (Editor’s Note: In Ghana, all male school teachers are referred to as “Sir”). Because he is helping me to achieve my goal.

Do I notice the change of seasons here?

Yes please! (Editor’s note: In Ghana, “Yes Please” is a polite and the most common form of saying “Yes”.) I have noticed that when it is raining season there is a lot of money in the country, but in the dry season there is no money in the country. Rainy season is from April through July. Dry season is from December to March. The other months are sometimes rainy and sometimes dry. When it is dry season, people find it difficult to get money.

More about the language:

We have many languages in our country. Examples are Twi by the Ashanti, Ga by the Greater Accra, Frafra by the Northerners and many more. We mostly speak the Twi by the Ashanti. I am an Ashanti I speak perfect Twi but I am good in speaking English and French. When I get a laptopt I can teaches you at your e-mail. So please if you are interested I can teaches you a lot.

What is the best thing about my country in my opinion?

In my Opinion the best thing in my country is Gold. My country is full of Gold. We have a lot of money and work in my country.

What do I want to do when I grow:

I wants to be a professional Doctor in the world, so that I can help the poor and the needy or Orphanages.

What Ghanaian food should you try first:

Ans: Please try fufu with cow meat with a little okra in the soup.

By Sandra Amoah

My Self, by Rosalind


My name is Rosalind

I am seven years old

I am fair in complexion

I am about two fit tall

the food I like is fried rice and chicken

the game I like best is ludy

When I wake up in the morning I bath

and I brush my teeth

When I finished bathing I scrub my self and

I well [wear] my dress and

I go out and Play

  • – By Rosalind Ananemanu