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Riddle Riddle Riddle


I am something when you are killing me then you will be crying. What am I?

Ans: Onion

I am a name of a person. Children hate my first four letters but they like the other four letters. What am I?

Ans: Beat/rice

I am something when I am going then I will be sharing chips. Who am I?

Ans: A goat

(Note from the blog Administrator: I only get the first riddle. If you get the others, please leave a comment with an explanation. Thank you 🙂

– By Sandra Amoah




Chop bar sign, Ghana

A man, very strong and well-built went into a chop bar and asked for Fufu and light soup. Then he went to a bar-man for a drink.

The man: Bar-man out of fear gave it to him without asking for money.

A lean and poor wretched man also went to the bar to eat some left-overs and saw what has happened. He went to the Bar-man.

Wretched man: Bar-man, give me a bottle of champaign or else…

Bar-Man: Or else what?

Wretched Man: Or else Ice-water. Then the Bar-man stood and gave him a blow and the man ran away.


– By Sandra Amoah

More Riddles!


Two people were walking when it started raining. One person got wet and the other person didn’t. Who are they?

Ans: Pregnant woman.

What has an eye but can not see?

Ans: Needle.

My father gave me hundred men to cater for but they only have one belt. Who are they?

Ans: Broom.

If you are travelling, how many trees will you find?

Ans: 2 (dead trees and living tress).

I have five rooms with four doors. Who am I?

Ans: fingers and spaces between them.

Which journey is far?

Ans: Jennifer.

I am a month, if you turn me I become a starchy food.

Ans: May to Yam.

Which city has no citizen?

Ans: Electricity

By Freda Patamia, age 11

Emmanuella Manu, age 12

Kwame Akotsah Bempah, age 12

Ebenezer Boadu, age 11

Elizabeth Bonkor, age 11

Najact Abdulai, age 11 and

Bassit Abulai