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Once upon a time there live two friends one called Ebenezer and Najact. Ebenezer was a very good boy and Najact was a bad girl. One day Ebenezer got a very big drink and Najact went and steal it and drink it with her friends. One day a woman came to Najact house and tod her that stealing is not good and Najact was very greatful.

Every day Najact always pray to god and now Najact was a very good girl. Najact always share everything with her friends and a person called AnjaJohn took Najact and Ebenezer to USA. Ten (10) years later Ebenezer got a beautiful girl named Chelsea. Ebenezer wanted to marry Chelsea so Chelsea and Ebenezer showed them self to their parents and they got married. And they got a child called Anja. Anja was a very beautiful girl. Anja always study well so Anja went to Japan.

-Directed by Najact and Ebenezer


The Three Friends


Once upon a time, there lived two girls and one boy. They were going to school. When they were going, they found a sack full of gold. They were fighting over it. Their names were Najact, Chelsea and Ebenezer.

Once they were fighting, an old woman came out from behind the bush. The old woman said “stop fighting, my children, because it is not good to fight, and someone can get hurt.” The old woman asked them “Why are you fighting?” The children responded that “they have gold. That is why we are fighting.”

“Please my children give me the gold and let me share it among you” the woman said.

Then suddenly, the old woman quickly ran into the bush with the sack full of gold. The children looked for her for about thirty minutes but they did not find her. And as they were walking, they got to a very big sea, whereby they saw the old woman. So when the old woman turned her head and saw that the children were running towards her, they caught the old woman and the old woman vanished into the sea with the children. The old woman told the children that, they should be her children.

One day when the woman told the children that she was travelling far away from them, when the woman got out from the sea and went, the children fasted without food and water for thirty days. A certain day, God answered the children and took them to the city with the gold. And they lived together happily ever after.


Thank you

We love you

Thank you for being our friend.

-Ebenezer  Boadu

-Chelsea Manu

-Najact Abdulai


The Ant and the Grasshopper


In a village called “Odumase” there lived Miss Ant and Mr. Grasshopper. The Ant was so hardworking that everybody in the community admired her; but the grasshopper was very lazy. The lazy grasshopper laughed at the little ant as she was always busy gathering food.

“Why are you working so hard?” he asked. “Come into the sunshine, and litsen to my merry notes”. But the Ant went on with her work. She said, “I am gathering food in store for the winter. Sunny days won’t last forever.” “Winter is so far away yte”, laughed the grasshopper.

When the winter came, the Ant settled down in her snug house. She had plenty of food to last the whole winter. The Grasshopper had nothing to eat so he went to the Ant and begged her for a little corn.

“No”, replied the Ant, “you laughed at me when I was storing food. You sang through the summer. So you had better dance the winter away.”

As retold by:

– Chelsea Manu

– Rosalind Manu

The Greedy Spider


Once upon a time, there lived Ananse in a small village. One day, he visited his mother-in-law. She prepared a sumptuous food for him and the children. “Ananse, the food is for you and the children”, said the mother-in-law. She told Ananse she was off to see her friend at the next village.

When the mother-in-law left, Ananse advised the children to go and play. He went for the food from the kitchen and sat on a table with it in front of him, and he started eating the food. He washed all the plates and the basins nicely and covered them neatly and went to bed.

The children returned and when they went to the kitchen, there was no food left for them. These children were bold enough, they rushed to Ananse and beat him up mercilessly. He cried for help and when he had the chance, he jumped to the ceiling and the web at the corner of the ceiling caught him. This became a residing place for him. That is why Ananse always stays in a web.

A collaboration by:

– Chelsea Manu

– Rosalind Manu and

– Ebenezer Boadu



Once upon a time, there lived a Great Kingdom above the skies. There was a King called King Ebenezer and a Queen called Queen Elizabeth. They lived for ten years without a child. Because of this, they prayed to God to give them a child who will inherit them if they take their path away.

One day, they went to the doctor and the doctor told them that, the Queen was pregnant. The married couples were very happy to the extend that they threw a party for the whole kingdom. Their prayer was to give birth to a male child.

Unfortunately, they gave birth to a female child. They were as though sad, but were also happy. They named the child Nania. She was the first princess in the kingdom. As she was growing up, she grew into a charming and a beautiful girl.

Another day came to pass when the princess told her father that, she wanted to marry. Because of this, every male person wanted to marry her but she refused and told her father than, the man who will prepare her the best food would be the one to marry.

Many of them thought she was a royal so she wanted delicious and favourite meals. But her favourite meal was Indomie with chicken. There was a very poor man called Michael. He prepared Indomie with chicken. Not knowing he has prepared the princess’s best meal.

It was the time for the kind to select amongt the men who will marry his daughter. So the King told all the men to bring their foods in front of them. Their hearts were beating very fast.

Soon the king selected the man to marry his daughter. The man was Michael. They were all surprised that, this poor man will be getting married to the princess soon.

Later, they got married and lived happily ever after.