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Project Obruni Elf: Gift-giving at Adullam Orphanage


Preparing for gift-giving at the Adullam Orphanage


I apologize for having been offline for a while, but I have been ill with a cold/flu/cough and have spent the majority of the last 3 days in bed trying to get better for the big gift-giving day at the orphanage.

It has not been super easy to find appropriate gifts for all the orphans. There were a number of factors to consider and work with: (1) they don’t exactly have toy stores around here and toy selection is extremely limited, so everything was purchased piecemeal at different marketplaces; (2) the gifts had to be of a similar value all around so as not to create undue jealousy or animosity; (3) we had to purchase age-appropriate gifts for children from age 3 months to 19 years.

In spite of many attempts to do so, we were never able to determine exactly how many children there are of what age ranges. So please keep your fingers crossed that we have enough for every age range.

In order to ensure we don’t inadvertently create World War III at the orphanage on Boxing Day, we are going to have the orphans file into the cafeteria one at a time and give them their gifts that way. So please do not expect to see photos of all the children opening their gifts at once, because we won’t be able to make that happen, as much as we would like to.

Here are a few photos of gift-wrapping preparations…we leave in a few minutes to give the orphans the gifts that your donations have so generously paid for!

More soon…